Selected Restaurants

If it’s your first time in Santa Fe you must try the local cuisine which is unique to this region. Savor New Mexico’s singular traditional cuisine, created over centuries from the early blend of Native American and Spanish cultures and the later Anglo influences that first arrived via the Santa Fe Trail. Here you’ll savor dishes like enchiladas, burritos, tamales, sopapillas, fry bread, firy meat stews, carne odovada (pork braised in copious quantities of red chile), and stuffed pockets of cornmeal dough called gorditas. Even if you have dishes by these names elsewhere, you’ll be delighted with the differences here. The most obvious distinctions involve the generous use of our celebrated fresh green chiles of their more mature dried red counterparts, along with beans, squash, and corn products such as blue corn meal, posole and chicos.

A Quick Bite by Exquisite Sanctuary

Eight minute walk from the house is Casa Solana Shopping Center where you can grab a quick bite to eat or sit at the table with full service.

La Montanita Food Coop is a natural food store where you can buy fresh daily prepared food from the deli or from shelves and sit at the tables area or bring back to the house. Masa Sushi offer traditional and contemporary sushi. Pho Kim offers Vietnamese cuisine.

New Mexican Cuisine & Local Eateries

To get the true culinary flavor of Santa Fe, eat where the locals eat.

Fine Dining

As much as we revere tradition, Santa Fe’s diverse population has spawned culinary innovation and international flavors. Dozen of Santa Fe chefs have been recipients of the James Beard Best Southwest chef award. Some of these recipients include: Mark Miller of the original Coyote Cafe, Mark Kirffin of The Compound, James Campbell Caruso of La Boca, Martin Rios of Restaurant Martin, and Joseph Wrede of The Palace Restaurant. Santa Fe’s contemporary chefs have driven a welcome return to locally raised beef, bison, lamb, pork, and poultry. Higher end establishment meld old and new flavor in creative cuisine that please the taste of the diners.

Vegetarian, Vegan, Healthy

Santa Fe has a large population of health conscious people. There are seven large health food stores serving the local residents.

Bars & Nightlife

After your perfect day in Santa Fe, kick back, relax and unwind as the city's eclectic nightlife gets underway. You'll find many inviting places where you can spend a memorable evening, from an intimate spot to share cocktails and a stunning sunset to a lively venue with music and merriment.

Coffee Shops

Santa Fe has many coffee shops around town where old friends mingle with new arrivals to Santa Fe. These are casual place where you can chat to the person next to your table or when waiting in line. A great way to meet new people, while having inexpensive, delicious, bite to eat accompanied with an aromatic cup of coffee or tea.

Asian & Indian Restaurants

Santa Fe has dozen of Asian and Indian Restaurant, some have been in business for the past thirty years.



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