Guests Rules and Policies

By booking any room with us you are confirming that you read and agree to comply with our Guests Rules and Policies

Cancelation Policy

Due to our small size operation, any cancellation affects us significantly. If the reservation is canceled with 14 days advance notice, your deposit will be refunded less a $25.00 service charge. If your cancellation is made less than 14 days prior to your scheduled arrival date and we are unable to rebook your room, you will be charged for whatever portion of your reservation could not be rebooked. All No shows, late arrivals and early departures are charged the entire amount for the reserved stay.

Around the House (when renting any room, not for Casita)

All guests take off their shoes when entering the house, we can provide sleepers for you to use.

The use of the kitchen and dining room for dinner should be

completed by 9pm

No laptop, I-Pad, etc. on the dining table. Also no doing paper work, use the computer desk in your room for all these activities. The dining table is for nourishment where we place out food. 

Washer and drier use between 9am and 8pm

Please no candle lighting anywhere in the house to keep safety

No microwave oven in the kitchen in order to keep EMF-free kitchen

No parking for large recreational vehicles such as RV, not event on street

Non-paid guests can not stay overnight

No shower in the shared bathroom after 10pm

Lights in the common areas will be off at 10pm, however you can come and go as you please as long as you are quiet.

No smoking, not even outside in the backyard or front yard, you can walk outside to the street if you want to smoke.

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